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It's Tee Time: An Ultrabroadband Componentless Bias Tee: A Planar Ultrabroadband Componentless Bias Tee in Microstrip Line Technology (2024) Kögel T, Scheder A, Meyl M, Sohr S, Vossiek M Journal article Hardware Design Challenges and Modulation Schemes in Joint Communication and Sensing (2024) Faghih-Naini S, Sebastian C, Reißland T, Weigel R, Scheiner B Journal article, Review article Overview of Passive Radar and Its Receiver Architectures to Enhance Safety in Civil Aviation: A Comprehensive Analysis of History, Principles, and Performance Optimization Strategies (2024) Horlbeck M, Scheiner B, Weigel R, Lurz F Journal article High-Accuracy True Speed-Over-Ground Measurement Approaches for Rail Vehicles: Comparison of Highly Accurate State of the Art True Speed-Over-Ground Measurement Approaches for Rail Vehicles (2023) Reißland T, Weigel R, Koelpin A, Lurz F Journal article Integrated Front-End Approaches for Wireless 100 Gb/s and Beyond: Enabling Efficient Ultra-High Speed Wireless Communication Systems (2023) Carlowitz C, Dietz M Journal article Self-Interference Leakage Estimation 'N' Cancellation Element: Design of an Active Self-Interference Cancellation Coupler (2023) Fenske P, Scheder A, Kögel T, Root K, Vossiek M, Carlowitz C Journal article A Direction-of-Arrival Estimation System for UAV-Assisted Search and Rescue: Locating Mobile Phones to Improve the Survival Chance of Disaster Victims (2023) Depold A, Dorn C, Erhardt S, Weigel R, Lurz F Journal article Doherty's Dominance Continued: A Linear PA Using GaN-on-Si (2023) Deublein A, Loose M, Illmer A, Musolff C, Irnstorfer F, Weigel R, Ackermann T Journal article, Original article International Conference on Microwave Acoustics & Mechanics [Conference Reports] (2023) Hagelauer A, Maune H Journal article The MTT-S Awards Committee-Evaluating the Excellence, Quality, and Service of Distinguished Microwave Engineers [AdCom Awards Committee] (2022) Weigel R Journal article, Editorial