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Bringing Portability to a New Level: A High-Sensitivity, Low-Power Monostatic CW Radar at 24 GHz (2022) Peters S, Horlbeck M, Probst F, Weigel R Journal article Taking a Look Beneath the Surface: Multicopter UAV-Based Ground-Penetrating Imaging Radars (2022) Grathwohl A, Stelzig M, Kanz J, Fenske P, Benedikter A, Knill C, Ullmann I, et al. Journal article MTT-S Awards and the IMS2022 Awards Banquet (2022) Weigel R Journal article Advancing Ultrahigh-Frequency RFID through Digital Signal Processing [From the Guest Editors' Desk] (2021) Ussmueller T, Carlowitz C Journal article, Editorial Stocktaking Robots, Automatic Inventory, and 3D Product Maps: The Smart Warehouse Enabled by UHF-RFID Synthetic Aperture Localization Techniques (2021) Gareis M, Parr A, Trabert J, Mehner T, Vossiek M, Carlowitz C Journal article, Review article A Robust Digital Predistortion Algorithm for 5G MIMO: Modeling a MIMO Scenario With Two Nonlinear MIMO Transmitters Including a Cross-Coupling Effect (2020) Ackermann T, Potschka J, Maiwald T, Hagelauer A, Fischer G, Weigel R Journal article Nothing Beats SNR: Single-Digit Micrometer Ranging Using a Low-Power CW Radar Featuring a Low-Weight 3D-Printed Horn Antenna (2020) Scheiner B, Michler F, Lurz F, Weigel R, Kölpin A Journal article Enhancing RF Bulk Acoustic Wave Devices: Multiphysical Modeling and Performance (2019) Chauhan V, Huck C, Frank A, Akstaller W, Weigel R, Hagelauer AM Journal article RF MEMS Modules: A Multiphysical Design Methodology Based on System Performance Requirements (2019) Silva Cortes VA, Nowak J, Chauhan V, Stehr U, Hein MA, Fischer G, Hagelauer AM Journal article, Review article SiCer: Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow's Complex Electronic Systems [From the Guest Editors' Desk] (2019) Stehr U, Hagelauer AM, Hein MA Journal article