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(Micro)metering with Microwaves: A Low-Cost Low-Power High-Precision Radar System (2019) Michler F, Scheiner B, Lurz F, Weigel R, Kölpin A Journal article Microw(h)att?! Ultralow-Power Six-Port Radar (2018) Lurz F, Michler F, Scheiner B, Weigel R, Kölpin A Journal article Integrated Systems-in-Package: Heterogeneous Integration of Millimeter-Wave Active Circuits and Passives in Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging Technologies (2018) Hagelauer AM, Wojnowski M, Pressel K, Weigel R, Kissinger D Journal article, Review article Steady Delivery: Wireless Local Positioning Systems for Tracking and Autonomous Navigation of Transport Vehicles and Mobile Robots (2017) Dobrev Y, Vossiek M, Christmann M, Bilous I, Gulden P Journal article Let's Make Them Cognitive! Cognitive Radio Technology Applied to Professional Wireless Microphone Systems (2016) Kloc M, Rieß S, Brendel J, Linz S, Gardill M, Weigel R, Fischer G Journal article Miniature Microwave Biosensors: Noninvasive Applications (2015) Guarin Aristizabal GA, Hofmann M, Nehring J, Weigel R, Fischer G, Kissinger D Journal article A High-Sensitivity Radar System Featuring Low Weight and Power Consumption (2015) Mann S, Lurz F, Weigel R, Kölpin A Journal article Linear Doherty PA at 5 GHz (2015) Musolff C, Kamper M, Fischer G Journal article, Original article Wireless technologies for grand challenges (guest editorial) (2014) Kissinger D Journal article Multiport Technology: The New Rise of an Old Concept (2014) Tatu SO, Serban A, Helaoui M, Kölpin A Journal article
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