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Digital entrepreneurship in finance: fintechs and funding decision criteria (2020) Hommel K, Bican P Journal article Investigations of HAWT airfoil shape characteristics and 3D rotational augmentation sensitivity toward the aerodynamic performance improvement (2020) Kim YJ, Bangga G, Delgado A Journal article The EU food label 'protected geographical indication': Economic implications and their spatial dimension (2020) Chilla T, Fink B, Balling R, Reitmeier S, Schober K Journal article Digital Business Model, Digital Transformation, Digital Entrepreneurship: Is there a sustainable "digital"? (2020) Bican P, Brem A Journal article Sustainability reporting quality of peruvian listed companies and the impact of regulatory requirements of sustainability disclosures (2020) Loza Adaui CR Journal article Foreign Venture Capital Firms in a Cross-Border Context: Empirical Insights from India (2019) Joshi K, Chandrashekar D, Brem A, Momaya K Journal article Ex-ante prediction of disruptive innovation: The case of battery technologies (2019) Müller JM, Kunderer R Journal article Working in a Physically Dangerous Work Environment: Employee Vitality and Sustainable Behavior (2019) Jahanshahi AA, Brem A, Gholami H Journal article Mandatory Nonfinancial Disclosure and Its Consequences on the Sustainability Reporting Quality of Italian and German Companies (2019) Mion G, Loza Adaui CR Journal article, Original article Pathways for sustainable and inclusive cities in Southern and Eastern Africa through Urban green infrastructure? (2019) Titz A, Chiotha SS Journal article, Review article
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