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Pathways for sustainable and inclusive cities in Southern and Eastern Africa through Urban green infrastructure? (2019) Titz A, Chiotha SS Journal article, Review article Land Cover Change in the Abuja City-Region, Nigeria: Integrating GIS and Remotely Sensed Data to Support Land Use Planning (2019) Enoguanbhor EC, Gollnow F, Nielsen JO, Lakes T, Walker B Journal article Hit or Miss? Evaluating the Potential of a Research Niche: A Case Study in the Field of Virtual Quality Management (2019) Weckenmann A, Bodi S, Popescu S, Dragomir M, Hurgoiu D, Comes R Journal article Development of a Risk Framework for Industry 4.0 in the Context of Sustainability for Established Manufacturers (2019) Birkel H, Veile J, Müller J, Hartmann E, Voigt KI Journal article Capturing the Bigger Picture? Applying Text Analytics for Foster Open Innovation Processes for Sustainability-Oriented Innovation (2018) Wehnert P, Kollwitz C, Daiberl C, Dinter B, Beckmann M Journal article What Drives the Implementation of Industry 4.0? The Role of Opportunities and Challenges in the Context of Sustainability (2018) Müller J, Kiel D, Voigt KI Journal article Does Thinking Style Make a Difference in Environmental Perception and Orientation? Evidence from Entrepreneurs in Post-Sanction Iran (2018) Jahanshahi AA, Brem A, Shahabinezhad M Journal article Responsible Research and Innovation in Industry - Challenges, Insights and Perspectives (2018) Martinuzzi A, Blok V, Brem A, Stahl BC, Schönherr N Journal article, Editorial What Is Behind Land Claims? Downsizing of a Conservation Area in Southeastern Ecuador (2017) Gerique-Zipfel A, López Sandoval MF, Pohle P Journal article, Original article Who takes more sustainability-oriented entrepreneurial actions? The role of entrepreneurs’ values, beliefs & orientations (2017) Jahanshahi AA, Brem A, Bhattacharjee A Journal article
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