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Development of a Calculation Concept for Mapping Specific Heat Extraction for Very Shallow Geothermal Systems (2022) Schwarz H, Jocic N, Bertermann D Journal article Investigating sustainable NGO–firm partnerships: An experimental study of consumer perception of Co-branded products (2021) Heinl L, Baatz A, Beckmann M, Wehnert P Journal article Integrating human rights and the environment in supply chain regulations (2021) Schilling-Vacaflor A Journal article Large-scale geothermal collector systems for 5th generation district heating and cooling networks (2021) Zeh R, Ohlsen B, Philipp D, Bertermann D, Kotz T, Jocić N, Stockinger V Journal article Influential factors of network changes: Dynamic network ties and sustainable startup embeddedness (2021) Keidel J, Bican P, Riar FJ Journal article, Original article The bus rapid transit (BRT) in Dar es Salaam: A pilot study on critical infrastructure, sustainable urban development and livelihoods (2021) Krüger F, Titz A, Arndt R, Gross F, Mehrbach F, Pajung V, Suda L, et al. Journal article Impact of municipal waste recycling and renewable energy consumption on co2 emissions across the european union (Eu) member countries (2021) Bayar Y, Gavriletea MD, Sauer S, Paun D Journal article Reflecting on Partnerships of Sustainability Learning: Enacting a Lewin–Deleuze–Guattari Rhizome (2020) Tillmanns T, Salomão Filho A Journal article Exploring odor minimization in post-consumer plastic packaging waste through the use of probiotic bacteria (2020) Lok B, Büttner A, Denk P, Ortner E, Fell T Journal article Understanding smart city—a data-driven literature review (2020) Stübinger J, Schneider L Journal article
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