Digital entrepreneurship in finance: fintechs and funding decision criteria

Hommel K, Bican P (2020)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2020


Book Volume: 12

Pages Range: 1-18

Article Number: 8035

Journal Issue: 19

DOI: 10.3390/su12198035


After the 2007–08 global financial crisis, research flourished on entrepreneurship through digital innovation in the financial market as well as on investors’ influence on digital technology-based entrepreneurs’ funding decisions. This study combines these two research streams to analyze the decision-making criteria for funding financial technology companies (fintechs), hybrid companies that combine digital entrepreneurship, technology, and banking. The study first uses prior literature to derive important characteristics to define fintechs and then uses 12 expert interviews to elaborate on decision-making criteria in funding. Except for smaller peculiarities, fintech funding does not appear to differ from that of other digital entrepreneurship in different markets, and—as with most digital business models—scalability was identified as a key criterion. Additionally, by serving as a major provider of money for young companies, banks have changed their role and positioning in funding new financial technology entrepreneurs. Through developments in digital technology, banks have shifted from traditional money-lending activities (i.e., debt-financing) to becoming stakeholders in fintechs and, hence, equity investors. We also describe how these formerly distinct fields have converged due to regulatory requirements, digital newcomers, and a need for constant innovation, with their future sustainable development dependent on sharing and collaboration.

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Hommel, K., & Bican, P. (2020). Digital entrepreneurship in finance: fintechs and funding decision criteria. Sustainability, 12(19), 1-18.


Hommel, Kristin, and Peter Bican. "Digital entrepreneurship in finance: fintechs and funding decision criteria." Sustainability 12.19 (2020): 1-18.

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