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Long-term variability of Vela X-1 (2010) Kretschmar P, Keating J, Kreykenbohm I, Wilms J, Staubert R Conference contribution Numerical simulation of non-thermal food preservation (2010) Rauh C, Krauß J, Ertunc Ö, Delgado A Conference contribution Analysis and optimization of the production process of cooked sausage meat matrices (2010) Diez Robles L, Rauh C, Delgado A Conference contribution NanoXAS - The in situ combination of scanning transmission X-ray and scanning probe microscopy (2010) Wenzel S, Fink R, Raabe J, Quitmann C, Hug HJ Conference contribution, Conference Contribution The Connection between Size Effects and Strain Bursts in Microscale Plasticity (2009) Beato V, Zaiser M, Zapperi S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Density-constrained TDHF calculation of fusion and fission barriers (2009) Umar AS, Oberacker VE, Maruhn JA, Reinhard PG Conference contribution Continuous variable entanglement distillation of non-gaussian states (2009) Lassen MO, Dong R, Heersink J, Marquardt C, Filip R, Leuchs G, Ulrik LA Conference contribution Focal Plane Detectors for the Advanced Gamma-Ray Imaging System (AGIS) (2009) Otte AN, Byrum K, Drake G, Falcone A, Funk S, Horan D, Mukherjee R, et al. Conference contribution The Advanced Gamma-ray Imaging System (AGIS) - Science Highlights (2009) Buckley J, Coppi P, Digel S, Funk S, Krawczynski H, Krennrich F, Pohl M, et al. Conference contribution Suzaku hard X-ray observations of HESS J1813-178 (2009) Reimer O, Funk S, Hinton JA, Tanaka T, Ebisawa K, Anada T Conference contribution