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A future very-high-energy view of our Galaxy (2009) Funk S, Hinton JA, Hermann G, Digel S Conference contribution The Advanced Gamma-ray Imaging System (AGIS) - Simulation Studies (2009) Maier G, Buckley J, Bugaev V, Fegan S, Funk S, Konopelko A, Vassiliev VV Conference contribution Simulation studies of the high-energy component of a future imaging Cherenkov telescope array (2009) Funk S, Hinton JA Conference contribution Monte-Carlo studies of the angular resolution of a future Cherenkov gamma-ray telescope (2009) Funk S, Hinton JA Conference contribution Interfacial Shear Cracks in Thin Films on Disordered Substrates (2009) Konstantindidis A, Zaiser M, Aifantis E Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Extragalactic Wolf-Rayet/black-hole X-ray binary candidates NGC 300 X-1 and IC 10 X-1 (2008) Carpano S, Pollock AMT, Prestwich A, Kilgard R, Crowther P, Wilms J, Yungelson L, Ehle M Conference contribution Energetics of the all-trans -→ 13-cis isomerization of the retinal chromophore of bacteriorhodopsin: Electronic structure calculations for a simple model system (2008) Woywod C, Vallet V, Li J, Görling A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Preliminary results of the LAT calibration unit beam tests (2007) Funk S Conference contribution GLAST and ground-based gamma-ray astronomy (2007) Funk S Conference contribution Novel technique for monitoring the performance of the LAT instrument on board the GLAST satellite (2007) Funk S Conference contribution