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Circulating NK cells establish tissue residency upon acute infection of skin and mediate accelerated effector responses to secondary infection (2024) Torcellan T, Friedrich C, Doucet-Ladevèze R, Ossner T, Solé VV, Riedmann S, Ugur M, et al. Journal article Recruitment of epitope-specific T cell clones with a low-avidity threshold supports efficacy against mutational escape upon re-infection (2023) Straub A, Grassmann S, Jarosch S, Richter L, Hilgendorf P, Hammel M, Wagner KI, et al. Journal article M cell maturation and cDC activation determine the onset of adaptive immune priming in the neonatal Peyer's patch (2023) Torow N, Li R, Hitch TCA, Mingels C, Al Bounny S, van Best N, Stange EL, et al. Journal article Immunoglobulin G-dependent inhibition of inflammatory bone remodeling requires pattern recognition receptor Dectin-1 (2023) Seeling M, Pöhnl M, Kara S, Horstmann N, Riemer CD, Wöhner M, Liang C, et al. Journal article, Original article Role of MR1-driven signals and amphiregulin on the recruitment and repair function of MAIT cells during skin wound healing (2023) Du Halgouet A, Darbois A, Alkobtawi M, Mestdagh M, Alphonse A, Premel V, Yvorra T, et al. Journal article Expansion of T memory stem cells with superior anti-tumor immunity by Urolithin A-induced mitophagy (2022) Denk D, Petrocelli V, Conche C, Drachsler M, Ziegler PK, Braun A, Kress A, et al. Journal article Lymphatic migration of unconventional T cells promotes site-specific immunity in distinct lymph nodes (2022) Ataide MA, Knöpper K, Cruz de Casas P, Ugur M, Eickhoff S, Zou M, Shaikh H, et al. Journal article Dual ontogeny of disease-associated microglia and disease inflammatory macrophages in aging and neurodegeneration (2022) Silvin A, Uderhardt S, Piot C, Da Mesquita S, Yang K, Geirsdottir L, Mulder K, et al. Journal article Response to contamination of isolated mouse Kupffer cells with liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (2022) Iannacone M, Blériot C, Andreata F, Ficht X, Laura C, Garcia-Manteiga JM, Uderhardt S, Ginhoux F Journal article Type 1 conventional dendritic cells maintain and guide the differentiation of precursors of exhausted T cells in distinct cellular niches (2022) Daehling S, Mansilla AM, Knoepper K, Grafen A, Utzschneider DT, Ugur M, Whitney PG, et al. Journal article