Refugees in Rural Areas in Germany

Mehl P, Fick J, Meschter D, Neumeier S, Osigus T, Glorius B, Bürer M, Gasch S, Schneider H, Kordel S, Spenger D, Weidinger T, Schammann H, Younso C (2023)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Other publication type

Publication year: 2023

Series: Project brief

Book Volume: 2023/22a


DOI: 10.3220/PB1678959710000

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The widespread assumption that refugees do not stay in rural regions but are "just passing through" to big cities was not confirmed. Staying in a rural place of residence is favoured by living together in the nuclear family, by friendly contacts with the local population and by one’s own progress in integration. An orientation to stay can be influenced by politics, the local administration and civil society. Civil society in particular contributes to creating bonds to a place of residence.

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Mehl, P., Fick, J., Meschter, D., Neumeier, S., Osigus, T., Glorius, B.,... Younso, C. (2023). Refugees in Rural Areas in Germany.


Mehl, Peter, et al. Refugees in Rural Areas in Germany. 2023.

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