Physikalische Modellierung mikrospektroskopischer Messungen zur Charakterisierung von optischen Schichtsystemen

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Start date : 01.05.2021

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This research topic is part of a PhD project.

2D materials consist of atomic layers of a crystalline bulk material which are weakly linked by van der waals forces. Because of the vertical confinement from few layers down to single layer material, 2D materials exhibit different and excelling characteristics compared with their bulk counterparts. Since dielectric screening is weakened due to the lack of additional layers, excitonic interactions have an increased impact in contrast to their bulk analogues. In 2D materials, optical and electrical properties demonstrate a thickness- or layer-dependent behaviour. As a result of the layered structure, different materials can be integrated into van der waals heterostacks. Through the utilisation of the diverse characteristics of different materials, synergetic effects can be exploited.

Many 2D materials exhibit isotropic behaviour but there is also a series of anisotropic contenders.One of the best known anisotropic examples is black phosphorus, which is one of the allotropes of phosphorus. Various unique optical, electronic and optoelectronic devices and their respective features are enabled by the combination of different materials in heterostacks, anistropic characteristics and excitonic phenomenons. Possible optical filters are phase retarders or linear polarisators, whereas photodetectors and emitters with specifically tailored characteristics represent feasible optoelectronic devices.

In addition to the fabrication of such devices, the project focusses on the modelling and further development of non-destructive methods for characterising 2D materials and thin film systems. Special emphasis lies on microspectroscopy, whereby studies on reflection and transmission with polarising optics are carried out.

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Abstract (fachliche Beschreibung) zum Projekt "Charakterisierung und Modellierung optischer Schichtstapel mit Fokus auf der Mikrospektroskopie"


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