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Covalent triazine-based frameworks - switching selectivity in HMF photooxidation (2024) Ditz D, Sackers NM, Müller F, Zobel M, Bergwinkl S, Nuernberger P, Häser LS, et al. Journal article N-Heterocyclic carbene-based porous polymer macroligand for the Ni-catalyzed C-H arylation of benzothiophenes (2023) Samanta P, Beucher R, Kumari Riddhi R, Ranscht A, Wisser FM, Quadrelli EA, Canivet J Journal article Metal-Organic Framework Catalysts for Solar Fuels: Light-Driven Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Formic Acid (2023) Canivet J, Wisser FM Journal article Heterogenized Molecular Rhodium Phosphine Catalysts within Metal-Organic Frameworks for Alkene Hydroformylation (2023) Samanta P, Solé-Daura A, Rajapaksha R, Wisser FM, Meunier F, Schuurman Y, Sassoye C, et al. Journal article Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Arylation Polymerization for the Synthesis of Thiophene-Based Cross-linked Polymers (2023) Mohr Y, Ranscht A, Fávaro MA, Quadrelli EA, Wisser FM, Canivet J Journal article Unravelling the Molecular Structure and Confining Environment of an Organometallic Catalyst Heterogenized within Amorphous Porous Polymers** (2023) Jabbour R, Ashling CW, Robinson TC, Khan AH, Wisser D, Berruyer P, Ghosh AC, et al. Journal article Micrometre-Sized Porous Polymer Beads as Heterogeneous Molecular Catalysts (2023) Stammler MB, Bauer A, Alkhurisi MH, Gigl F, Wisser FM Journal article Pyrene- and Bipyridine-based Covalent Triazine Framework as Versatile Platform for Photocatalytic Solar Fuels Production (2023) Fávaro MA, Yang J, Ditz D, Küçükkeçeci H, Alkhurisi MH, Bergwinkl S, Thomas A, et al. Journal article Molecular Rhodium Complex within N-Rich Porous Polymer Macroligand as Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Visible-Light Driven CO2 Photoreduction (2023) Newar R, Ghosh AC, Kumari Riddhi R, Rajapaksha R, Samanta P, Wisser FM, Canivet J Journal article Reusable Copper Catechol-based Porous Polymers for the Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Catalytic Oxidation of Secondary Alcohols (2022) Henrion M, Mohr Y, Janssens K, Smolders S, Bugaev AL, Usoltsev OA, Quadrelli EA, et al. Journal article