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Solving complex nanostructures with ptychographic atomic electron tomography (2023) Pelz P, Griffin SM, Stonemeyer S, Popple D, DeVyldere H, Ercius P, Zettl A, et al. Journal article Using a fast hybrid pixel detector for dose-efficient diffraction imaging beam-sensitive organic molecular thin films (2023) Wu M, Stroppa DG, Pelz P, Spiecker E Journal article Controlled Self-Assembly of Gold Nanotetrahedra into Quasicrystals and Complex Periodic Supracrystals (2023) Wang Y, Chen J, Li R, Götz A, Drobek D, Przybilla T, Hübner S, et al. Journal article Resolution of Virtual Depth Sectioning from Four-Dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (2023) Terzoudis-Lumsden EW, Petersen TC, Brown HG, Pelz P, Ophus C, Findlay SD Journal article Analysis of Strain and Defects in Tellurium-WSe2 Moiré Heterostructures Using Scanning Nanodiffraction (2023) Sari B, Zeltmann SE, Zhao C, Pelz P, Javey A, Minor AM, Ophus C, Scott MC Journal article Simultaneous Successive Twinning Captured by Atomic Electron Tomography (2022) Pelz PM, Groschner C, Bruefach A, Satariano A, Ophus C, Scott MC Journal article Real-Time Interactive 4D-STEM Phase-Contrast Imaging From Electron Event Representation Data: Less computation with the right representation (2022) Pelz PM, Johnson I, Ophus C, Ercius P, Scott MC Journal article Py4DSTEM: A Software Package for Four-Dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Data Analysis (2021) Savitzky BH, Zeltmann SE, Hughes LA, Brown HG, Zhao S, Pelz PM, Pekin TC, et al. Journal article A Fast Algorithm for Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging and 4D-STEM Diffraction Simulations (2021) Pelz PM, Rakowski A, Dacosta LR, Savitzky BH, Scott MC, Ophus C Journal article Scattering Matrix Determination in Crystalline Materials from 4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy at a Single Defocus Value (2021) Findlay SD, Brown HG, Pelz PM, Ophus C, Ciston J, Allen LJ Journal article