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Reconstruction of Topology Optimized Geometry with Casting Constraints in a Feature-Based Approach (2023) Mayer J, Denk M, Wartzack S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Symbolic Parametric Representation of the Area and the Second Moments of Area of Periodic B-Spline Cross-Sections (2023) Denk M, Jäger M, Wartzack S Journal article Generating Digital Twins for Path-Planning of Autonomous Robots and Drones Using Constrained Homotopic Shrinking for 2D and 3D Environment Modeling (2022) Denk M, Bickel S, Steck P, Götz S, Völkl H, Wartzack S Journal article Procedural Concept Design with Computer Graphic Applications for Light-Weight Structures using Blender with Subdivision Surfaces (2022) Denk M, Mayer J, Wartzack S Conference contribution Parametrization of Cross-Sections by CNN Classification and Moments of Area Regression for Frame Structures (2022) Denk M, Rother K, Neuhäusler J, Petroll C, Paetzold K Conference contribution Multi-Objective Topology Optimization of Frame Structures Using the Weighted Sum Method (2022) Denk M, Rother K, Gadzo E, Paetzold K Conference contribution Irradiation-dependent topology optimization of metallization grid patterns and variation of contact layer thickness used for latitude-based yield gain of thin-film solar modules (2022) Zinßer M, Braun B, Helder T, Magorian Friedlmeier T, Pieters B, Heinlein A, Denk M, et al. Journal article Statistical Characterization of Stress Concentrations along Butt Joint Weld Seams Using Deep Neural Networks (2022) Braun M, Neuhäusler J, Denk M, Renken F, Kellner L, Schubnell J, Jung M, et al. Journal article Using Machine Learning for Product Portfolio Management: A Methodical Approach to Predict Values of Product Attributes for Multi-Variant Product Portfolios (2022) Mehlstäubl J, Braun F, Denk M, Kraul R, Paetzold K Journal article Truss Parametrization of Topology Optimization Results with Curve Skeletons and Meta Balls (2022) Denk M, Rother K, Paetzold K Journal article
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