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Activation and Purification of ß-Glucocerebrosidase by Exploiting its Transporter LIMP-2 – Implications for Novel Treatment Strategies in Gaucher's and Parkinson's Disease (2024) Dobert J, Bub S, Mächtel R, Januliene D, Steger L, Regensburger M, Wilfling S, et al. Journal article From Lysosomal Storage Disorders to Parkinson's Disease – Challenges and Opportunities (2023) Mächtel R, Boros FA, Dobert J, Arnold P, Zunke F Journal article, Review article Cancer-Type Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1B3 Is Localized in Lysosomes and Mediates Resistance against Kinase Inhibitors (2022) Haberkorn B, Oswald S, Kehl N, Geßner A, Taudte V, Dobert J, Zunke F, et al. Journal article The role of lysosomal cathepsins in neurodegeneration: Mechanistic insights, diagnostic potential and therapeutic approaches (2022) Drobny A, Prieto Huarcaya S, Dobert J, Kluge A, Bunk J, Schlothauer T, Zunke F Journal article, Review article Recombinant pro-CTSD (cathepsin D) enhances SNCA/α-Synuclein degradation in α-Synucleinopathy models. (2022) Huarcaya AP, Drobny S, Marques ARA, Di Spiezio A, Dobert J, Balta D, Werner C, et al. Journal article, Review article Corrigendum: Cathepsin D Variants Associated With Neurodegenerative Diseases Show Dysregulated Functionality and Modified α-Synuclein Degradation Properties (Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, (2021), 9, (581805), 10.3389/fcell.2021.581805) (2021) Bunk J, Prieto Huarcaya S, Drobny A, Dobert J, Walther L, Rose-John S, Arnold P, Zunke F Journal article, Erratum