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A New Immortalized Human Lacrimal Gland Cell Line (2024) Gleixner S, Zahn I, Dietrich J, Singh S, Drobny A, Schneider Y, Schwendner R, et al. Journal article Neuroinflammatory disease signatures in SPG11-related hereditary spastic paraplegia patients. (2024) Krumm L, Pozner T, Zagha N, Coras R, Arnold P, Tsaktanis T, Scherpelz K, et al. Journal article Oriented display of HIV-1 Env trimers by a novel coupling strategy enhances B cell activation and phagocytosis (2024) Di Vincenzo R, Beutel J, Arnold P, Wang Y, Damm D, Tannig P, Lux A, et al. Journal article Activation and Purification of ß-Glucocerebrosidase by Exploiting its Transporter LIMP-2 – Implications for Novel Treatment Strategies in Gaucher's and Parkinson's Disease (2024) Dobert J, Bub S, Mächtel R, Januliene D, Steger L, Regensburger M, Wilfling S, et al. Journal article Novel Homozygous FA2H Variant Causing the Full Spectrum of Fatty Acid Hydroxylase-Associated Neurodegeneration (SPG35) (2023) German A, Jukic J, Laner A, Arnold P, Socher E, Mennecke A, Schmidt M, et al. Journal article Sobetirome rescues α-synuclein-mediated demyelination in an in vitro model of multiple system atrophy (2023) Meszaros L, Himmler M, Schneider Y, Arnold P, Dörje F, Schubert DW, Winkler J Journal article Epithelial-mesenchymal transition in the lacrimal gland morphogenesis, damage and repair (2023) Singh S, Brabletz S, Arnold P, Schicht M, Paulsen F Journal article, Review article Chemotherapy-induced release of ADAM17 bearing EV as a potential resistance mechanism in ovarian cancer (2023) Hugendieck G, Lettau M, Andreas S, Neumann S, Reinhardt N, Arnold P, Theilig F, et al. Journal article Human lacrimal gland cell line: Potential techniques and translational implications (2023) Singh S, Arnold P, Paulsen F Journal article Differential activity of transcription factor Sox9 in early and adult oligodendroglial progenitor cells (2023) Hassel L, Fröb F, Küspert M, Hillgärtner S, Arnold P, Huang W, Kirchhoff F, Wegner M Journal article
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