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CD83 expressed by macrophages is an important immune checkpoint molecule for the resolution of inflammation (2023) Peckert-Maier K, Langguth P, Strack A, Stich L, Mühl-Zürbes P, Kuhnt C, Drassner C, et al. Journal article Soluble CD83 improves and accelerates wound healing by the induction of pro-resolving macrophages (2022) Royzman D, Peckert-Maier K, Stich L, König C, Wild A, Tauchi M, Ostalecki C, et al. Journal article The soluble CD83 molecule accelerates wound closure and improves wound healing quality (2022) Royzman D, Peckert-Maier K, Stich L, Wild A, Ostalecki C, Seyferth S, Eming SA, et al. Conference contribution Pre-incubation of corneal donor tissue with soluble CD83 improves graft survival via the induction of pro-resolving macrophages (2022) Peckert-Maier K, Schoenberg A, Wild A, Royzman D, Braun G, Hadrian K, Tripal P, et al. Conference contribution The soluble CD83 protein prevents bone destruction by inhibiting the formation of osteoclasts and inducing resolution of inflammation in arthritis (2022) Royzman D, Andreev D, Stich L, Peckert K, Wild A, Zinser E, Mühl-Zürbes P, et al. Journal article Effect of sCD83 on direct allosensitization after corneal transplantation (2022) Schoenberg AP, Peckert-Maier K, Hadrian K, Hamdorf M, Cursiefen C, Zinser E, Bock F Conference contribution BIOACTIVE GLASSES AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: RECENT FINDINGS AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES (2022) Boccaccini AR, Schuhladen K, Steinkasserer A, Zinser E Conference contribution Alzheimer's disease protease-containing plasma extracellular vesicles transfer to the hippocampus via the choroid plexus (2022) Lee JH, Ostalecki C, Oberstein T, Schierer S, Zinser E, Eberhardt M, Blume K, et al. Journal article Soluble CD83 promotes cutaneous wound healing in an IDO-and beta-catenindependent manner (2022) Royzman D, Peckert-Maier K, Stich L, Wild A, Ostalecki C, Kiesewetter F, Seyferth S, et al. Conference contribution Tilting the Balance: Therapeutic Prospects of CD83 as a Checkpoint Molecule Controlling Resolution of Inflammation (2022) Peckert-Maier K, Royzman D, Langguth P, Marosán A, Strack A, Sadeghi Shermeh A, Steinkasserer A, et al. Journal article, Review article