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Cortactin-dependent control of Par1b-regulated epithelial cell polarity in Helicobacter infection (2024) Sharafutdinov I, Harrer A, Müsken M, Rottner K, Sticht H, Täger C, Naumann M, et al. Journal article Campylobacter jejuni Surface-Bound Protease HtrA, but Not the Secreted Protease nor Protease in Shed Membrane Vesicles, Disrupts Epithelial Cell-to-Cell Junctions (2024) Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer N, Rohde M, Olofsson A, Rehman Zu, Arnqvist A, Backert S Journal article A single-nucleotide polymorphism in Helicobacter pylori promotes gastric cancer development (2023) Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer-Backert N, Linz B, Rohde M, Vieth M, Tay ACY, Lamichhane B, et al. Journal article Evolution and Role of Proteases in Campylobacter jejuni Lifestyle and Pathogenesis (2023) Linz B, Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer N, Backert S Journal article, Review article Early and late genome-wide gastric epithelial transcriptome response during infection with the human carcinogen Helicobacter pylori (2022) Sharafutdinov I, Ekici AB, Vieth M, Backert S, Linz B Journal article Campylobacter jejuni Serine Protease HtrA Induces Paracellular Transmigration of Microbiota across Polarized Intestinal Epithelial Cells (2022) Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer N, Müsken M, Backert S Journal article Cortactin: A universal host cytoskeletal target of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial pathogens (2022) Sharafutdinov I, Knorr J, Rottner K, Backert S, Tegtmeyer N Journal article Cortactin promotes effective ags cell scattering by helicobacter pylori caga, but not cellular vacuolization and apoptosis induced by the vacuolating cytotoxin vaca (2022) Sharafutdinov I, Knorr J, Soltan Esmaeili D, Backert S, Tegtmeyer-Backert N Journal article Importance of cortactin for efficient epithelial NF-kappa B activation by Helicobacter pylori, Salmonella enterica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but not Campylobacter spp. (2021) Tegtmeyer-Backert N, Soltan Esmaeili D, Sharafutdinov I, Knorr J, Naumann M, Alter T, Backert S Journal article Cortactin is required for efficient fak, src and abl tyrosine kinase activation and phosphorylation of helicobacter pylori caga (2021) Knorr J, Sharafutdinov I, Fiedler F, Soltan Esmaeili D, Rohde M, Rottner K, Backert S, Tegtmeyer N Journal article