Florian Johannes Kordon


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Software‐based method for automated intraoperative planning of Schoettle Point in surgical medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction: A comparative validation study (2024) Privalov M, Kordon FJ, Kunze H, Beisemann N, Vetter SY, Franke J, Grützner PA, Swartman B Journal article A principled representation of elongated structures using heatmaps (2023) Kordon FJ, Stiglmayr M, Maier A, Martín Vicario C, Pertlwieser T, Kunze H Journal article Handling Label Uncertainty on the Example of Automatic Detection of Shepherd’s Crook RCA in Coronary CT Angiography (2023) Denzinger F, Wels M, Taubmann O, Kordon FJ, Wagner F, Mehltretter S, Gülsün MA, et al. Conference contribution Investigations on Self-supervised Learning for Script-, Font-type, and Location Classification on Historical Documents (2023) Zenk J, Kordon FJ, Mayr M, Seuret M, Christlein V Conference contribution Multi-stage Fine-Tuning Deep Learning Models Improves Automatic Assessment of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (2023) Schuster B, Kordon FJ, Mayr M, Seuret M, Jost S, Kessler J, Christlein V Conference contribution Beyond Human Forgeries: An Investigation into Detecting Diffusion-Generated Handwriting (2023) Carriere G, Nikolaidou K, Kordon FJ, Mayr M, Seuret M, Christlein V Conference contribution Classification of incunable glyphs and out-of-distribution detection with joint energy-based models (2023) Kordon FJ, Weichselbaumer N, Herz R, Mossman S, Potten E, Seuret M, Mayr M, Christlein V Journal article, Original article Fast 3D YOLOv3 based standard plane regression of vertebral bodies in intra-operative CBCT volumes (2023) Doerrich S, Kordon FJ, Denzinger F, El Barbari JS, Privalov M, Vetter SY, Maier A, Kunze H Journal article Deep Geometric Supervision Improves Spatial Generalization in Orthopedic Surgery Planning (2022) Kordon FJ, Maier A, Swartman B, Privalov M, El Barbari JS, Kunze H Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Automatic plane adjustment of orthopedic intraoperative flat panel detector CT-volumes (2022) Martín Vicario C, Kordon FJ, Denzinger F, El Barbari JS, Privalov M, Franke J, Thomas S, et al. Journal article, Original article
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