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Soluble CD83 improves and accelerates wound healing by the induction of pro-resolving macrophages (2022) Royzman D, Peckert-Maier K, Stich L, König C, Wild A, Tauchi M, Ostalecki C, et al. Journal article Soluble CD83 promotes cutaneous wound healing in an IDO-and beta-catenindependent manner (2022) Royzman D, Peckert-Maier K, Stich L, Wild A, Ostalecki C, Kiesewetter F, Seyferth S, et al. Conference contribution Human AZFb deletions cause distinct testicular pathologies depending on their extensions in Yq11 and the Y haplogroup: new cases and review of literature (2021) Vogt PH, Bender U, Deibel B, Kiesewetter F, Zimmer J, Strowitzki T Journal article, Review article TRICHODYSPLASIA SPINULOSA WITH DISFIGURING FACIAL FEATURES AFTER KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION IMPROVED BY mTOR-INHIBITION (2019) Dieterle A, Korn K, Büttner M, Schiffer M, Kiesewetter F, Wiesener MS Conference contribution Disseminated Pustules in a 3 Year Old Boy (2019) Grosch E, Koeceroglu M, Schliep S, Kiesewetter F, Sticherling M, Voskens CJ Conference contribution Kutane's plasma-cell-rich Pseudolymphoma in histologically complete Response under combined Immunotherapy with Talimogene laherparepvec (TVEC) and Pembrolizumab (2018) Erdmann M, Sponagl F, Kiesewetter F, Schliep S Conference contribution Concealed complete response in melanoma patients under therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors: two case reports (2018) Schliep S, Agaimy A, Kiesewetter F, Schuler G, Heinzerling L, Cavallaro AJ Journal article Predictive value of PD-L1 based on mRNA level in the treatment of stage IV melanoma with ipilimumab (2017) Brueggemann C, Kirchberger MC, Goldinger SM, Weide B, Konrad A, Erdmann M, Schadendorf D, et al. Journal article Fumaric Acid Esters and TNF alpha Inhibitors - Do they affect the Fertility of male Patients with Psoriasis? (2017) Heppt F, Colsmann A, Maronna A, Uslu U, Heppt M, Kiesewetter F, Sticherling M Conference contribution Look-alikes with opposite consequences: Cutaneous Botryomycosis presenting as cutaneous metastases in a patient with a history of metastatic lung cancer (2017) Bosch-Voskens C, Woerl P, Kiesewetter F, Schliep S Conference contribution