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Analysis of the Suitability of Inkjet-Printed Ag-Particle-Filled Inks for Use in Connections of Fine-Pitch Electrical Components (2023) Voigt C, Petersen M, Thielen N, Utsch D, Häußler F, Kirchberger M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution 3D-Printed Bowtie Filter Created by High Precision NanoJet System Combined with Novel Printing Strategy (2019) Sippel M, Lomakin K, Ankenbrand M, Petersen M, Franke J, Helmreich K, Vossiek M, Gold G Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Substrate pretreatments: an investigation of the effects on aerosol jet printed structures (2018) Neermann S, Scheetz M, Franke J, Roudenko J, Schirmer J, Reichenberger M Conference contribution Pushing the Boundaries of 3D-MID: Pulse-Width Modulated Light Technology for Enhancing Surface Properties and Enabling Printed Electronics on FFF-Printed Structures (2018) Gräf D, Neermann S, Stuber L, Scheetz M, Franke J Conference contribution Investigations of Silver Sintered Interconnections 3-Dimensional Ceramics with Plasma Based Additive Copper Metallizations (2018) Hensel A, Schwarzer C, Scheetz M, Kaloudis M, Franke J Conference contribution Generation of 3D Functional Structures for High- Frequency Applications by Printing Technologies (2018) Ankenbrand M, Scheetz M, Franke J, Lomakin K, Sippel M, Gold G, Helmreich K Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Evaluation and Characterization of 3D Printed Pyramid Horn Antennas utilizing different Deposition Techniques for Conductive Material (2018) Lomakin K, Pavlenko T, Ankenbrand M, Sippel M, Ringel J, Scheetz M, Klemm T, et al. Journal article, Review article