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Towards a Bavarian Oncology Real World Data Research Platform (2023) Ziegler J, Gründner J, Rosenau L, Erpenbeck M, Prokosch HU, Deppenwiese N Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Towards a National Portal for Medical Research Data (FDPG): Vision, Status, and Lessons Learned (2023) Prokosch HU, Gebhardt M, Gründner J, Kleinert P, Buckow K, Rosenau L, Semler SC Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Empowering Researchers to Query Medical Data and Biospecimens by Ensuring Appropriate Usability of a Feasibility Tool: Evaluation Study (2023) Schüttler C, Zerlik M, Gründner J, Köhler T, Rosenau L, Prokosch HU, Sedlmayr B Journal article Aligning Biobanks and Data Integration Centers Efficiently (ABIDE_MI) (2022) Prokosch HU, Baber R, Bollmann P, Gebhardt M, Gründner J, Hummel M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The Architecture of a Feasibility Query Portal for Distributed COVID-19 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Patient Data Repositories: Design and Implementation Study (2022) Gründner J, Deppenwiese N, Folz M, Koehler T, Kroll B, Prokosch HU, Rosenau L, et al. Journal article Generation of a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-based Ontology for Federated Feasibility Queries in the Context of COVID-19: Feasibility Study (2022) Rosenau L, Majeed RW, Ingenerf J, Kiel A, Kroll B, Köhler T, Prokosch HU, Gründner J Journal article Improving COVID-19 Research of University Hospitals in Germany: Formative Usability Evaluation of the CODEX Feasibility Portal (2022) Sedlmayr B, Sedlmayr M, Kroll B, Prokosch HU, Gründner J, Schüttler C Journal article The COVID-19 Data Exchange Platform of the German University Medicine (2022) Prokosch HU, Bahls T, Bialke M, Eils J, Fegeler C, Gründner J, Haarbrandt B, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes A framework for criteria-based selection and processing of fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) data for statistical analysis: Design and implementation study (2021) Gründner J, Gulden C, Kampf M, Mate S, Prokosch HU, Zierk J Journal article Reduced Rate of Inpatient Hospital Admissions in 18 German University Hospitals During the COVID-19 Lockdown (2021) Kapsner L, Kampf M, Seuchter SA, Gründner J, Gulden C, Mate S, Mang JM, et al. Journal article, Original article