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Broadband microwave spiral applicator (105–125 MHz) for in vitro examinations of hyperthermia-induced tumor cell death forms–first analyses with human breast cancer cells (2023) Walter J, Hader M, Sengedorj A, Fietkau R, Frey B, Gaipl U Journal article Detailed in vitro analyses of the impact of multimodal cancer therapy with hyperthermia and radiotherapy on the immune phenotype of human glioblastoma cells (2022) Stoll E, Hader M, Rückert M, Weissmann T, Lettmaier S, Putz F, Hecht M, et al. Journal article Interaction of Radiotherapy and Hyperthermia with the Immune System: a Brief Current Overview (2022) Sengedorj A, Hader M, Frey B, Fietkau R, Ott O, Gaipl U, Rückert M Journal article Effect of hyperthermia and radiation therapy sequence on cell death and the immune phenotype of breast cancer cells (2022) Sengedorj A, Hader M, Rückert M, Frey B, Fietkau R, Ott O, Scheidegger S, et al. Conference contribution Magnetic Resonance thermometry images of hyperthermia treatments of sarcomas for prediction of therapy responses-need of data reprocessing and cleaning (2022) Khatun R, Hader M, Schmidt M, Bert C, Wadepohl M, Fietkau R, Ott J, et al. Conference contribution The Effect of Hyperthermia and Radiotherapy Sequence on Cancer Cell Death and the Immune Phenotype of Breast Cancer Cells (2022) Sengedorj A, Hader M, Heger L, Frey B, Dudziak D, Fietkau R, Ott O, et al. Journal article Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Upregulates Several Immune Checkpoint Molecules in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells Independently of the HPV Status While ICOS-L Is Upregulated Only on HPV-Positive Cells (2021) Wimmer S, Deloch L, Hader M, Derer A, Grottker F, Weissmann T, Hecht M, et al. Journal article Cell-in-cell phenomenon: leukocyte engulfment by non-tumorigenic cells and cancer cell lines (2021) Bauer M, Hader M, Hecht M, Büttner-Herold M, Fietkau R, Distel L Journal article In Vitro Examinations of Cell Death Induction and the Immune Phenotype of Cancer Cells Following Radiative-Based Hyperthermia with 915 MHz in Combination with Radiotherapy (2021) Hader M, Streit S, Rosin A, Gerdes T, Wadepohl M, Bekeschus S, Fietkau R, et al. Journal article Defining metaniches in the oral cavity according to their microbial composition and cytokine profile (2020) Seidel CL, Gerlach R, Wiedemann P, Weider M, Rodrian G, Hader M, Frey B, et al. Journal article