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Performance of Continuous Hydrogen Production from Perhydro Benzyltoluene by Catalytic Distillation and Heat Integration Concepts with a Fuel Cell (2023) Rüde T, Lu Y, Anschuetz L, Blasius M, Wolf M, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Geißelbrecht M Journal article Weakly Supervised Deep Learning-Based Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (2021) Jiang Z, Huang Z, Qiu B, Meng X, You Y, Liu X, Geng M, et al. Journal article Highly Efficient Self-Repairing Slippery Liquid-Infused Surface with Promising Anti-Icing and Anti-Fouling Performance (2021) Rao Q, Lu Y, Song L, Hou Y, Zhan X, Zhang Q Journal article Retinal choroidal vessel imaging based on multi-wavelength fundus imaging with the guidance of optical coherence tomography (2020) Huang Z, Jiang Z, Hu Y, Zou D, Yu Y, Ren Q, Liu G, Lu Y Journal article Comparative Study of Deep Learning Models for Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (2020) Jiang Z, Huang Z, Qiu B, Liu X, Meng X, You Y, Liu G, et al. Journal article, Original article N2NSR-OCT: Simultaneous denoising and super-resolution in optical coherence tomography images using semisupervised deep learning (2020) Qiu B, You Y, Huang Z, Meng X, Jiang Z, Zhou C, Liu G, et al. Journal article A practical calibration criterion for image-based material decomposition in spectral computed tomography (2020) Yang K, Zhai X, Xie Z, Zhou K, Meng X, Ren Q, Lu Y Journal article Cherenkov excited luminescence imaging induced by megavolt X-ray beams in the second near-infrared window (2019) Meng X, Du Y, Wang R, Li Z, Zhu S, Wu H, Li C, et al. Journal article Retinal image synthesis from multiple-landmarks input with generative adversarial networks (2019) Yu Z, Xiang Q, Meng J, Kou C, Ren Q, Lu Y Journal article A learning-based material decomposition pipeline for multi-energy x-ray imaging (2019) Lu Y, Kowarschik M, Huang X, Xia Y, Choi JH, Chen S, Hu S, et al. Journal article
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