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Adsorption and thermal evolution of [C1C1Im][Tf2N] on Pt(111) (2023) Massicot S, Gezmis E, Talwar T, Meusel M, Jaekel S, Adhikari R, Winter L, et al. Journal article Structure and Reactivity of the Ionic Liquid [C(1)C(1)Im][Tf2N] on Cu(111) (2023) Adhikari R, Massicot S, Fromm L, Talwar T, Gezmis E, Meusel M, Bayer A, et al. Journal article Structure and Conformation of Individual Molecules upon Adsorption of a Mixture of Benzoporphyrins on Ag(111), Cu(111), and Cu(110) Surfaces (2023) Adhikari R, Brox J, Massicot S, Ruppel M, Jux N, Marbach H, Steinrück HP Journal article On the adsorption of different tetranaphthylporphyrins on Cu(111) and Ag(111) (2022) Brox J, Adhikari R, Shaker M, Ruppel M, Jux N, Marbach H, Jaekel S, Steinrück HP Journal article Metalation of 2HTCNPP on Ag(111) with Zn: Evidence for the Sitting atop Complex at Room Temperature (2021) Kuliga J, De Campos Ferreirra RC, Adhikari R, Massicot S, Lepper M, Hölzel H, Jux N, et al. Journal article Self-Assembled 2D-Coordination Kagome, Quadratic, and Close-Packed Hexagonal Lattices Formed from a Cyano-Functionalized Benzoporphyrin on Cu(111) (2021) Adhikari R, Kuliga J, Ruppel M, Jux N, Marbach H, Steinrück HP Journal article Formation of highly ordered molecular porous 2D networks from cyano-functionalized porphyrins on Cu(111) (2020) Steinrück HP, Adhikari R, Siglreithmaier G, Gurrath M, Meusel M, Kuliga J, Lepper M, et al. Journal article Conformation Controls Mobility: 2H-Tetranaphthylporphyrins on Cu(111) (2020) Kuliga J, Massicot S, Adhikari R, Ruppel M, Jux N, Steinrück HP, Marbach H Journal article