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Emergence of novel ST1299 vanA lineages as possible cause for the striking rise of vancomycin resistance among invasive strains of Enterococcus faecium at a German university hospital (2023) Valenza G, Eisenberger D, Voigtländer S, Alsalameh R, Gerlach R, Koch S, Kunz B, et al. Journal article Targeted deletion of NFAT-Interacting-Protein-(NIP) 45 resolves experimental asthma by inhibiting Innate Lymphoid Cells group 2 (ILC2) (2019) Koch S, Knipfer L, Kölle J, Mirzakhani H, Graser A, Zimmermann T, Kiefer A, et al. Journal article Immunoregulatory role of acid sphingomyelinase in allergic asthma (2019) Sopel N, Kölle J, Dumendiak S, Koch S, Reichel M, Rhein C, Kornhuber J, Finotto S Journal article Affected differentiation and function of innate lymphoid cells type 2 in the absence of the Th2-and Th1-associated transcription factor NIP45 (2018) Koch S, Springel R, Knipfer L, Wirtz S, Finotto S Conference contribution Immunoregulatory role of NFAT-interacting protein (NIP) 45 in adaptive and innate immune responses in allergic asthma (2017) Koch S, Maeding N, Karwot R, Mirzakhani H, Springel R, Mittler S, Zimmermann T, et al. Conference contribution FAM13A is associated with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) progression and controls tumor cell proliferation and survival (2017) Eisenhut F, Heim L, Trump S, Mittler S, Sopel N, Andreev K, Ferrazzi F, et al. Journal article Th9 and other IL-9-producing cells in allergic asthma (2017) Koch S, Sopel N, Finotto S Journal article Increased expression of nuclear factor of activated T cells 1 drives IL-9-mediated allergic asthma (2016) Koch S, Graser A, Mirzakhani H, Zimmermann T, Melichar VO, Woelfel M, Croteau-Chonka DC, et al. Journal article IL-6 activated integrated BATF/IRF4 functions in lymphocytes are T-bet-independent and reversed by subcutaneous immunotherapy (2013) Mousset S, Koch S, Mousset S, Graser A, Reppert S, Uebel C, Reinhardt C, et al. Journal article