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Boosting power density of hydrogen release from LOHC systems by an inverted fixed-bed reactor design (2024) Kadar J, Gackstatter F, Ortner F, Wagner L, Willer M, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Geißelbrecht M Journal article Operational experience with a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) system for bidirectional storage of electrical energy over 725 h (2023) Geiling J, Wagner L, Auer F, Ortner F, Nuß A, Seyfried R, Stammberger F, et al. Journal article Development and characterization of a low-NOx partially premixed hydrogen burner using numerical simulation and flame diagnostics (2023) Schmidt N, Müller M, Preuster P, Zigan L, Wasserscheid P, Will S Journal article PERFORMANCE OF BENZYLTOLUENE AS PURE HYDROCARBON LIQUID ORGANIC HYDROGEN CARRIER (LOHC) IN STORAGE CYCLES (2022) Rüde T, Preuster P, Wolf M, Wasserscheid P Conference contribution Influence of dissolved hydrogen on the viscosity and interfacial tension of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier system based on diphenylmethane by surface light scattering and molecular dynamics simulations (2022) Kerscher M, Klein T, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P, Koller TM, Rausch MH, Fröba AP Journal article, Original article A path to a dynamic hydrogen storage system using a liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC): Burner-based direct heating of the dehydrogenation unit (2022) Bollmann J, Schmidt N, Beck D, Preuster P, Zigan L, Wasserscheid P, Will S Journal article, Original article Hydrogenation of aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds-a key process for future logistics of green hydrogen using liquid organic hydrogen carrier systems (2021) Jorschick H, Preuster P, Bösmann A, Wasserscheid P Journal article, Review article Model-Based Analysis of a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) System for the Operation of a Hydrogen-Fired Gas Turbine (2021) Dennis J, Bexten T, Petersen N, Wirsum M, Preuster P Journal article Catalytically activated stainless steel plates for the dehydrogenation of perhydro dibenzyltoluene (2021) Solymosi TA, Auer F, Dürr S, Preuster P, Wasserscheid P Journal article Experimental determination of the hydrogenation/dehydrogenation - Equilibrium of the LOHC system H0/H18-dibenzyltoluene (2021) Dürr S, Zilm S, Geißelbrecht M, Müller K, Preuster P, Bösmann A, Wasserscheid P Journal article
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