Birgitta-Elisabeth Carlé


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Label-Free Characterization and Quantification of Mucosal Inflammation in Common Murine Colitis Models With Multiphoton Imaging (2022) Kreiß L, Thoma OM, Lemire S, Lechner K, Carlé BE, Dilipkumar A, Kunert T, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-Free In Vivo Histopathology of Experimental Colitis via 3-Channel Multiphoton Endomicroscopy (2020) Kreiß L, Thoma OM, Dilipkumar A, Carlé BE, Longequeue P, Kunert T, Rath T, et al. Journal article DAPK1 loss triggers tumor invasion in colorectal tumor cells (2019) Steinmann S, Kunze P, Hampel C, Eckstein M, Bertram Bramsen J, Muenzner JK, Carlé BE, et al. Journal article Inhibiting PGGT1B Disrupts Function of RHOA, Resulting in T-cell Expression of Integrin α4β7 and Development of Colitis in Mice (2019) Lopez Posadas R, Fastancz P, Martínez-Sánchez LdC, Panteleev-Ivlev J, Thonn V, Kisseleva T, Becker LS, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-Free Multiphoton Endomicroscopy for Minimally Invasive In Vivo Imaging (2019) Dilipkumar A, Al-Shemmary A, Kreiß L, Cvecek K, Carlé BE, Knieling F, Menezes JG, et al. Journal article Inhibiting Interleukin 36 Receptor Signaling Reduces Fibrosis in Mice with Chronic Intestinal Inflammation (2018) Scheibe K, Kersten C, Schmied A, Vieth M, Primbs T, Carlé BE, Knieling F, et al. Journal article Raster-Scanning Optoacoustic Mesoscopy for Gastrointestinal Imaging at High Resolution (2018) Knieling F, Menezes JG, Claussen J, Schwarz M, Neufert C, Fahlbusch FB, Rath T, et al. Journal article