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Synthesis of New Highly Functionalized Quinolines via a Novel Fe III -Catalyzed Domino aza-Michael/Aldol/Aromatization Reaction (2024) Heckmann F, Ibrahim M, Hampel F, Tsogoeva S Journal article Dipeptide-catalysed Michael reaction under physiological conditions: Examination of potential bioorthogonality (2024) Schuster F, Grau B, Xu H, Mokhir A, Tsogoeva S Journal article Access to Artemisinin-Triazole Antimalarials via Organo-Click Reaction: High In Vitro/In Vivo Activity against Multi-Drug-Resistant Malaria Parasites (2024) Herrmann L, Leidenberger M, Quadros HC, Grau B, Hampel F, Friedrich O, Moreira DR, et al. Journal article Privileged Brønsted acid organocatalysis (2024) Tsogoeva S Journal article Autofluorescent Artemisinin-Benzimidazole Hybrids via Organo-Click Reaction: Study of Antiviral Properties and Mode of Action in Living Cells (2023) Herrmann L, Hahn F, Grau B, Wild M, Niesar A, Wangen C, Kataev E, et al. Journal article The Trimeric Artesunate Analog TF27, a Broadly Acting Anti-Infective Model Drug, Exerts Pronounced Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity Spanning Variants and Host Cell Types (2023) Hahn F, Wangen C, Häge S, Herrmann L, Herrmann A, Tsogoeva S, Marschall M Journal article Autofluorescent antimalarials by hybridization of artemisinin and coumarin: in vitro/in vivo studies and live-cell imaging (2023) Herrmann L, Leidenberger M, Sacramento de Morais A, Mai C, Çapci A, da Cruz Borges Silva M, Plass F, et al. Journal article Light-Driven Catalyst-Free Access to Phthalazines: Entry to Antiviral Model Drugs by Merging Domino Reactions (2022) Guryev A, Schuster F, Herrmann L, Hahn F, Wangen C, Hodek J, Weber J, et al. Journal article Iron-Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis: Recent Theoretical and Experimental Advances (2022) Grau B, Neuhauser A, Aghazada S, Meyer K, Tsogoeva S Journal article, Review article Lewis Acids and Heteropoly Acids in the Synthesis of Organic Peroxides (2022) Yaremenko IA, Radulov PS, Belyakova YY, Fomenkov DI, Tsogoeva S, Terent'Ev AO Journal article, Review article