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Banning Products with Low Energy Efficiency: Market Response and Adjustment Cost (2024) Büttner T, Kesselring AM Journal article, Original article The Budget Judgement and the Future of the Debt Brake (2024) Büttner T, Hüther M, Heine M, Herr H, Ehnts D, Kurz R Journal article Tax Competition Effects of a Minimum Tax Rate: Empirical Evidence from German Municipalities (2024) Büttner T, Pöhnlein M Journal article, Original article Taxes and Gender Equality: The Incidence of the ‘Tampon Tax’ (2023) Hechtner F, Büttner T, Madzharova B Other publication type Income Tax Credits for Consumer Services: A Tool for Tackling VAT Evasion? (2023) Büttner T, Madzharova B, Zaddach O Journal article, Original article Promoting Sales of Energy Efficient Household Appliances: Outcomes and Cost Effectiveness of Rebate Programs (2023) Büttner T, Madzharova B Journal article, Original article Centralisation or Decentralisation of European Fiscal Rules? (2023) Büttner T Journal article, Original article Zentralisierung oder Dezentralisierung der europäischen Fiskalregeln? Zum Reformvorschlag der EU-Kommission (2023) Büttner T Journal article, Original article Next Generation EU: a Hamiltonian Moment for the Public Finances of the European Union? (2023) Büttner T Journal article, Original article Die Verpflichtung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zur Einhaltung der Haushaltsdisziplin aufgrund Art. 121, 126 und 136 AEUV und des Fiskalpakts und ihre Überwachung durch den Stabilitätsrat und seinen unabhängigen Beirat (2023) Büttner T Journal article, Original article