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Towards understanding the competition of electron and energy transfer in “molecular” nanographenes on the example of hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene (2023) Beneventi GM, Krug M, Reger D, Jux N, Guldi DM Journal article, Review article Superhelicenes in the gas phase: experimental and computational evidence of stable radical cation dimers (2023) Kinzelmann M, Reger D, Warmbrunn V, Lungerich D, Jux N, Drewello T Journal article Time-resolved imaging and analysis of the electron beam-induced formation of an open-cage metallo-azafullerene (2023) Hölzel H, Lee S, Amsharov KY, Jux N, Harano K, Nakamura E, Lungerich D Journal article Experimental and Theoretical Structure Elucidation of the [2 : 1] Complex Ion of Carbo[n]helicene with n=6, 7 and 8 and Ag+ (2023) Oschwald J, Reger D, Frühwald S, Warmbrunn V, Görling A, Jux N, Drewello T Journal article Structure and Conformation of Individual Molecules upon Adsorption of a Mixture of Benzoporphyrins on Ag(111), Cu(111), and Cu(110) Surfaces (2023) Adhikari R, Brox J, Massicot S, Ruppel M, Jux N, Marbach H, Steinrück HP Journal article Photophysical characterization of a ruthenium-based tetrameric pentacene complex (2023) Hou Y, Papadopoulos I, Ferguson MJ, Jux N, Tykwinski RR, Guldi DM Journal article On the adsorption of different tetranaphthylporphyrins on Cu(111) and Ag(111) (2022) Brox J, Adhikari R, Shaker M, Ruppel M, Jux N, Marbach H, Jaekel S, Steinrück HP Journal article Adsorption and self-assembly of a mono-cyano Zn-tetraphenylporphyrin derivative on KBr(001) and MgO(001) (2022) Ammon MM, Devarajulu M, LIU Y, Gurrath M, Lungerich D, Jux N, Meyer B, Maier S Journal article Benzohydroxamic acid on rutile TiO2(110)-(1×1)– a comparison of ultrahigh-vacuum evaporation with deposition from solution (2022) Köbl J, Fernández CC, Augustin LM, Kataev E, Franchi S, Tsud N, Pistonesi C, et al. Journal article Probing Charge Management across the π-Systems of Nanographenes in Regioisomeric Electron Donor-Acceptor Architectures (2022) Hölzel H, Haines P, Kaur R, Lungerich D, Jux N, Guldi DM Journal article