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Synthesis of New Highly Functionalized Quinolines via a Novel Fe III -Catalyzed Domino aza-Michael/Aldol/Aromatization Reaction (2024) Heckmann F, Ibrahim M, Hampel F, Tsogoeva S Journal article Regioselective Synthesis of Hamilton‐Receptor‐Fullerene Oligo‐Adducts for the Supramolecular Binding of Cyanuric Derivatives (2024) Wachter M, Scholz B, Schulze E, Hampel F, Perez-Ojeda Rodriguez ME, Hirsch A Journal article Access to Artemisinin-Triazole Antimalarials via Organo-Click Reaction: High In Vitro/In Vivo Activity against Multi-Drug-Resistant Malaria Parasites (2024) Herrmann L, Leidenberger M, Quadros HC, Grau B, Hampel F, Friedrich O, Moreira DR, et al. Journal article Diaryl-hemiindigos as visible light, pH, and heat responsive four-state switches and application in photochromic transparent polymers (2023) Sacherer M, Hampel F, Dube H Journal article A photochemical method to evidence directional molecular motions (2023) Regen-Pregizer B, Özçelik A, Mayer P, Hampel F, Dube H Journal article Surface science and liquid phase investigations of oxanorbornadiene/oxaquadricyclane ester derivatives as molecular solar thermal energy storage systems on Pt(111) (2023) Hemauer F, Krappmann D, Schwaab V, Hussain Z, Freiberger EM, Waleska-Wellnhofer N, Franz E, et al. Journal article Dictating Packing and Interactions of Perylene Bisimides within Cyclophane Structures in the Solid State (2023) Solymosi I, Neiß C, Maid H, Hampel F, Solymosi T, Görling A, Hirsch A, Perez-Ojeda ME Journal article Building Blocks for Molecular Polygons Based on Platinum Vertices and Polyynediyl Edges (2023) Collins BK, Weisbach N, Hampel F, Bhuvanesh N, Gladysz JA Journal article A cross-conjugation approach for high-performance diaryl-hemithioindigo photoswitches (2023) Zitzmann M, Hampel F, Dube H Journal article Acenaphthenoannulation Induced by the Dual Lewis Acidity of Alumina (2022) Akhmetov V, Feofanov M, Ruppenstein C, Lange J, Sharapa D, Krstic M, Hampel F, et al. Journal article