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Dynamic traction force measurements of migrating immune cells in 3D matrices (2025) Böhringer D, Cóndor M, Bischof L, Czerwinski T, Gampl N, Ngo P, Bauer A, et al. Unpublished / Preprint Fiber alignment in 3D collagen networks as a biophysical marker for cell contractility (2023) Böhringer D, Bauer A, Moravec I, Bischof L, Kah DTE, Mark C, Grundy TJ, et al. Journal article Calcium supplementation of bioinks reduces shear stress-induced cell damage during bioprinting (2022) Fischer L, Nosratlo M, Hast K, Karakaya E, Ströhlein N, Esser T, Gerum R, et al. Journal article Viscoelastic properties of suspended cells measured with shear flow deformation cytometry (2022) Gerum R, Mirzahossein E, Eroles M, Elsterer J, Mainka A, Bauer A, Sonntag S, et al. Journal article Fast phenotyping of monocytes mechanics under the cytokine storm (2021) Eroles M, Gerum R, Fabry B, Rico F Conference contribution The desmin mutation R349P increases contractility and fragility of stem cell-generated muscle micro-tissues (2021) Spörrer M, Kah DTE, Gerum R, Reischl B, Huraskin D, Dessalles CA, Schneider W, et al. Journal article, Original article Sparsity through evolutionary pruning prevents neuronal networks from overfitting (2020) Gerum R, Erpenbeck A, Krauß P, Schilling A Journal article Durotropic Growth of Pollen Tubes(1)([OPEN]) (2020) Reimann R, Kah DTE, Mark C, Dettmer J, Reimann T, Gerum R, Geitmann A, et al. Journal article Collective forces of tumor spheroids in three-dimensional biopolymer networks (2020) Mark C, Grundy TJ, Strissel P, Böhringer D, Grummel N, Gerum R, Steinwachs J, et al. Journal article Durotropic Growth of Pollen Tubes (2020) Reimann R, Kah DTE, Mark C, Dettmer J, Reimann T, Gerum R, Geitmann A, et al. Journal article
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