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Unbiased high-dimensional flow cytometry identified NK and DC immune cell signature in Luminal A-type and triple negative breast cancer (2024) Heger L, Heidkamp GF, Amon L, Nimmerjahn F, Bäuerle T, Maier A, Erber R, et al. Journal article XCR1 expression distinguishes human conventional dendritic cell type 1 with full effector functions from their immediate precursors (2023) Heger L, Hatscher L, Liang C, Lehmann C, Amon L, Lühr JJ, Kaszubowski T, et al. Journal article Circumventing pyroptosis via hyperactivation shapes superior immune responses of human type 2 dendritic cells compared to type 3 dendritic cells (2023) Hatscher L, Kaszubowski T, Amon L, Dudziak D, Heger L Journal article Guidelines for mouse and human DC functional assays (2022) Clausen BE, Amon L, Backer RA, Berod L, Bopp T, Brand A, Burgdorf S, et al. Journal article Guidelines for DC preparation and flow cytometric analysis of human lymphohematopoietic tissues (2022) Heger L, Dudziak D, Amon L, Hatscher L, Kaszubowski T, Lehmann C Journal article Modulation of urelumab glycosylation separates immune stimulatory activity from organ toxicity (2022) Reitinger C, Ipsen Escobedo A, Hornung C, Heger L, Dudziak D, Lux A, Nimmerjahn F Journal article Dendritic cells are involved in the resolution of inflammation by IVIg in arthritis (2022) Lehmann C, Amon L, Seichter A, Brückner C, Altmann L, Heger L, Heger L, et al. Conference contribution A cross-tissue protein profiling atlas reveals distinct cDC2 subpopulations within the murine conventional dendritic cell network (2022) Amon L, Lehmann C, Seichter A, Heger L, Dudziak D Conference contribution Monocytes Elicit a Neutrophil-Independent Th1/Th17 Response Upon Immunization With a Mincle-Dependent Glycolipid Adjuvant (2022) Desel C, Murray PJ, Lehmann C, Heger L, Christensen D, Andersen P, Mack M, et al. Journal article The Effect of Hyperthermia and Radiotherapy Sequence on Cancer Cell Death and the Immune Phenotype of Breast Cancer Cells (2022) Sengedorj A, Hader M, Heger L, Frey B, Dudziak D, Fietkau R, Ott O, et al. Journal article