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Testing and simulation of lifetime for wire bond interconnections with varying bond foot angle (2024) Sippel M, Tan YF, Schmidt R, Botazzoli P, Sprenger M, Franke J Journal article Reliability of Piezojet-Printed Conductive Lines on Alumina Substrates Produced by Fused Filament Fabrication (2023) Utsch D, Häußler F, Sprenger M, Zirn J, Franke J Conference contribution Warpage of transfer-molded automotive power modules - experimental characterization, numerical simulation and optimization (2023) Sprenger M, Kramer M, Tolyschew E, Steinau M, Renner D, Ottinger B, Franke J Conference contribution Influence of the Bond Foot Angle on Active Power Cycling Lifetime of Wire Bonds (2023) Sippel M, Tan YF, Schmidt R, Botazzoli P, Sprenger M, Franke J Conference contribution High Temperature Die Attach: Study and Power Cycling of Direct-Bonded Silver Joints (2022) Häußler F, Sippel M, Sprenger M, Liu L, Muckelbauer M, Franke J Conference contribution Reliability assessment and thermal characterization of automotive power module package based on novel thick copper-ceramic substrate and hard epoxy encapsulation (2022) Sprenger M, Forndran F, Ottinger B, Braun T, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Influence of Current Density on Wire Bond Lifetime in Active Power Cycling Test (2022) Sippel M, Schmidt R, Kaesbauer M, Sprenger M, Hensel A, Franke J Conference contribution Reliability of lead-free solders for die attach in automotive power modules (2022) Ottinger B, Holverscheid J, Konig S, Jerichow E, Lunz S, Sprenger M, Muller L, et al. Conference contribution Parametric study on relevant design and material parameters for reliable hard encapsulation of automotive power modules (2022) Sprenger M, Noll N, Hecht C, De Greiff M, Müller L, Franke J Conference contribution Laser Cleaning of Flux Residues on Copper Surfaces in Electronics Production (2022) Hecht C, Slama JN, Sprenger M, Haubler F, Sippel M, Franke J Conference contribution