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Assessing Cytotoxicity, Endotoxicity, and Blood Compatibility of Nanoscale Iron Oxide Magnetosomes for Biomedical Applications (2024) Mickoleit F, Pfister F, Friedrich B, Markert S, Kerpes A, Janko C, Lyer S, et al. Journal article Sol-gel derived B2O3-CaO borate bioactive glasses with hemostatic, antibacterial and pro-angiogenic activities (2024) Zheng K, Bider F, Monavari M, Xu Z, Janko C, Alexiou C, Beltrán AM, Boccaccini AR Journal article Nanoparticles for the treatment of inflammatory conditions (2024) Janko C, Civelek M, Cicha I, Spielvogel H, Unterweger H, Alexiou C Journal article An in silico model of the capturing of magnetic nanoparticles in tumour spheroids in the presence of flow (2023) Wirthl B, Janko C, Lyer S, Schrefler BA, Alexiou C, Wall WA Journal article Nanomaterial-based ophthalmic therapies (2023) Unterweger H, Janko C, Civelek M, Cicha I, Spielvogel H, Tietze R, Friedrich B, Alexiou C Journal article Mitoxantrone and Mitoxantrone-Loaded Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Induce Cell Death in Human Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cell Spheroids (2023) Dinter J, Friedrich RP, Yang H, Pilarsky C, Mangge H, Pöttler M, Janko C, et al. Journal article Orally administered nanoparticles for gastrointestinal applications (2023) Tietze R, Unterweger H, Janko C, Civelek M, Cicha I, Spielvogel H, Alexiou C Journal article, Editorial Human T cells loaded with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles retain antigen-specific TCR functionality. (2023) Pfister F, Dörrie J, Schaft N, Buchele V, Unterweger H, Carnell LR, Schreier P, et al. Journal article Magnetic Removal of Candida albicans Using Salivary Peptide-Functionalized SPIONs (2023) Friedrich B, Tietze R, Dümig M, Sover A, Boca MA, Schreiber E, Band J, et al. Journal article Cell Viability and Immunogenic Function of T Cells Loaded with Nanoparticles for Spatial Guidance in Magnetic Fields (2023) Pfister F, Alexiou C, Janko C Book chapter / Article in edited volumes