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Optimizing Perovskite Thin-Film Parameter Spaces with Machine Learning-Guided Robotic Platform for High-Performance Perovskite Solar Cells (2023) Zhang J, Liu B, Liu Z, Wu J, Arnold S, Shi H, Osterrieder T, et al. Journal article Highly Stable Lasing from Solution-Epitaxially Grown Formamidinium-Lead-Bromide Micro-Resonators (2022) Afify HA, Sytnyk M, Rehm V, Barabash A, Mashkov O, Osvet A, Volobuev VV, et al. Journal article Perspectives of solution epitaxially grown defect tolerant lead-halide-perovskites and lead-chalcogenides (2021) Afify HA, Sytnyk M, Zhou S, Osvet A, Brabec C, Korczak J, Szczerbakow A, et al. Journal article Flexible Photocatalytic Electrode Using Graphene, Non-noble Metal, and Organic Semiconductors for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (2021) Kondo K, Watanabe Y, Kuno J, Ishii Y, Kawasaki S, Kato M, Kalita G, et al. Journal article Self-Healing Cs3Bi2Br3I6 Perovskite Wafers for X-Ray Detection (2021) Daum M, Deumel S, Sytnyk M, Afify HA, Hock R, Eigen A, Zhao B, et al. Journal article PbS nanocrystal growth and overgrowth by thiourea precursors (2020) Heiß W, Killilea NA, Sytnyk M Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture Epitaxial Metal Halide Perovskites by Inkjet-Printing on Various Substrates (2020) Sytnyk M, Yousefi-Amin AA, Freund T, Prihoda A, Götz K, Unruh T, Harreiß C, et al. Journal article Micron Thick Colloidal Quantum Dot Solids (2020) Fan JZ, Vafaie M, Bertens K, Sytnyk M, Pina JM, Sagar LK, Ouellette O, et al. Journal article Looking beyond the Surface: The Band Gap of Bulk Methylammonium Lead Iodide (2020) Schuster O, Wientjes P, Shrestha S, Levchuk I, Sytnyk M, Matt G, Osvet A, et al. Journal article Sensitive Direct Converting X-Ray Detectors Utilizing Crystalline CsPbBr3 Perovskite Films Fabricated via Scalable Melt Processing (2020) Matt G, Levchuk I, Knüttel J, Dallmann J, Osvet A, Sytnyk M, Tang X, et al. Journal article, Original article
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