Self-Healing Cs3Bi2Br3I6 Perovskite Wafers for X-Ray Detection

Daum M, Deumel S, Sytnyk M, Afify HA, Hock R, Eigen A, Zhao B, Halik M, These A, Matt G, Brabec C, Tedde SF, Heiß W (2021)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2021


DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202102713


Self-healing of defects imposed by external stimuli such as high energy radiation is a possibility to sustain the operational lifetime of electronic devices such as radiation detectors. Cs3Bi2Br3I6 polycrystalline wafers are introduced here as novel X-ray detector material, which not only guarantees a high X-ray stopping power due to its composition with elements with high atomic numbers, but also outperforms other Bi-based semiconductors in respect to detector parameters such as detection limit, transient behavior, or dark current. The polycrystalline wafers represent a size scalable technology suitable for future integration in imager devices for medical applications. Most astonishingly, aging of these wafer-based devices results in an overall improvement of the detector performance—dark currents are reduced, photocurrents are increased, and one of the most problematic properties of X-ray detectors, the base line drift is reduced by orders of magnitude. These aging induced improvements indicate self-healing effects which are shown to result from recrystallization. Optimized synthetic conditions also improve the as prepared X-ray detectors; however, the aged device outperforms all others. Thus, self-healing acts in Cs3Bi2Br3I6 as an optimization tool, which is certainly not restricted to this single compound, it is expected to be beneficial also for many further polycrystalline ionic semiconductors.

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Daum, M., Deumel, S., Sytnyk, M., Afify, H.A., Hock, R., Eigen, A.,... Heiß, W. (2021). Self-Healing Cs3Bi2Br3I6 Perovskite Wafers for X-Ray Detection. Advanced Functional Materials.


Daum, Manuel, et al. "Self-Healing Cs3Bi2Br3I6 Perovskite Wafers for X-Ray Detection." Advanced Functional Materials (2021).

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