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A novel modular opto-biomechatronics bioreactor for simultaneous isotropic mechanical stretch application and fluorescence microscopy under cell and tissue culture conditions (2024) Merten AL, Schöler U, Lesko C, Kreiß L, Schneidereit D, Linsenmeier F, Stolz A, et al. Journal article A fluorescence-based opto-mechatronic screening module (OMSM) for automated 3D cell culture workflows (2023) Kahl M, Schneidereit D, Meinert C, Bock N, Hutmacher DW, Friedrich O Journal article, Original article 3D printing of piezoelectric and bioactive barium titanate-bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering (2023) Polley C, Distler T, Scheufler C, Detsch R, Lund H, Springer A, Schneidereit D, et al. Journal article, Original article Single fibre cytoarchitecture in ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction (VIDD) assessed by quantitative morphometry second harmonic generation imaging: Positive effects of BGP-15 chaperone co-inducer and VBP-15 dissociative corticosteroid treatment (2023) Mnuskina S, Bauer J, Wirth-Hücking A, Schneidereit D, Nübler S, Ritter P, Cacciani N, et al. Journal article, Original article SEMPAI: a Self-Enhancing Multi-Photon Artificial Intelligence for Prior-Informed Assessment of Muscle Function and Pathology (2023) Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Langer S, Goossens C, Nübler S, Schneidereit D, Taubmann O, et al. Journal article, Original article Second Harmonic Generation Morphometry of Muscle Cytoarchitecture in Living Cells (2023) Schneidereit D, Nübler S, Friedrich O Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Enzymatically dissociated muscle fibers display rapid dedifferentiation and impaired mitochondrial calcium control (2022) Gineste C, Youhanna S, Vorrink SU, Henriksson S, Hernández A, Cheng AJ, Chaillou T, et al. Journal article, Original article Vascularization of Poly-ε-Caprolactone-Collagen I-Nanofibers with or without Sacrificial Fibers in the Neurotized Arteriovenous Loop Model (2022) Kratzer S, Arkudas A, Himmler M, Schubert DW, Schneidereit D, Bauer J, Friedrich O, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-free analysis of inflammatory tissue remodeling in murine lung tissue based on multiphoton microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and machine learning (2022) Kreiß L, Ganzleben I, Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Schneidereit D, Becker C, Neurath M, et al. Journal article, Original article A Print-and-Fuse Strategy for Sacrificial Filaments Enables Biomimetically Structured Perfusable Microvascular Networks with Functional Endothelium Inside 3D Hydrogels (2022) Ryma M, Genc H, Nadernezhad A, Paulus I, Schneidereit D, Friedrich O, Andelovic K, et al. Journal article, Original article
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