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Nature-inspired functional porous materials for low-concentration biomarker detection (2023) Papiano I, De Zio S, Hofer A, Malferrari M, Minguez Bacho I, Bachmann J, Rapino S, et al. Journal article, Original article Preparation of geometrically highly controlled Ga particle arrays on quasi-planar nanostructured surfaces as a SCALMS model system (2023) Hofer A, Taccardi N, Moritz M, Wichmann C, Hübner S, Drobek D, Engelhardt M, et al. Journal article Dissolution of WO3 modified with IrOx overlayers during photoelectrochemical water splitting (2023) Jenewein K, Knöppel J, Hofer A, Kormanyos A, Mayerhöfer B, Speck F, Bierling M, et al. Journal article Tubular PEM electrolysis cells with a 3D-printed oxygen electrode and ALD catalyst coating (2023) Laube A, Sánchez Batalla B, Weidlich C, Hofer A, Bachmann J, Zallmann S, Körner C, et al. Journal article Degradation studies of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis cells with low platinum group metals – Catalyst coating achieved by atomic layer deposition (2022) Sánchez Batalla B, Laube A, Hofer A, Struckmann T, Bachmann J, Weidlich C Journal article Tubular membrane electrode assembly for PEM electrolysis (2022) Laube A, Hofer A, Sánchez Batalla B, Ressel S, Chica A, Fischer S, Weidlich C, et al. Journal article Practically applicable water oxidation electrodes from 3D-printed Ti6Al4V scaffolds with surface nanostructuration and iridium catalyst coating (2022) Hofer A, Wachter S, Döhler D, Laube A, Sánchez Batalla B, Fu Z, Weidlich C, et al. Journal article PEM water electrolysis cells with catalyst coating by atomic layer deposition (2021) Laube A, Hofer A, Ressel S, Chica A, Bachmann J, Struckmann T Journal article, Original article Photocorrosion of WO3 Photoanodes in Different Electrolytes (2021) Knöppel J, Kormanyos A, Mayerhöfer B, Hofer A, Bierling M, Bachmann J, Thiele S, Cherevko S Journal article, Original article Properties, performance and stability of iridium-coated water oxidation electrodes based on anodized titanium felts (2021) Hofer A, Bochmann S, Bachmann J Journal article