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Microneurography for assessing mechanisms of itch signaling in humans (2023) Düll M, Namer B Authored book Cyclic changes of sensory parameters in migraine patients (2022) Helfenstein C, Strupf M, Stefke A, Fraunberger B, Renner B, Suchantke I, Rothermel M, et al. Journal article Lysophosphatidic acid activates nociceptors and causes pain or itch depending on the application mode in human skin (2022) Düll M, Stengel M, Ries V, Strupf M, Reeh P, Kremer A, Namer B Journal article The G protein-coupled receptor MRGX4 is a novel receptor for bile salts expressed on sensory neurons (2021) Wolf K, Kühn H, Leibl V, Gebhardt L, Glaudo M, Reeh P, Fischer MJM, et al. Conference contribution Modeling of Activity-Induced Changes in Signal Propagation Speed of Mechano-Electrically Stimulated Nerve Fiber (2021) Troglio A, de Col R, Namer B, Kutafina E Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Maximum axonal following frequency separates classes of cutaneous unmyelinated nociceptors in the pig (2021) Werland F, Hirth M, Rukwied R, Ringkamp M, Turnquist B, Jorum E, Namer B, et al. Journal article Diagnosing small fiber neuropathy in clinical practice: a deep phenotyping study (2021) Egenolf N, Zu Altenschildesche CM, Kress L, Eggermann K, Namer B, Gross F, Klitsch A, et al. Journal article Slow depolarizing stimuli differentially activate mechanosensitive and silent C nociceptors in human and pig skin (2020) Rukwied R, Thomas C, Obreja O, Werland F, Kleggetveit IP, Jorum E, Carr RW, et al. Journal article Sympathetic efferent neurons are less sensitive than nociceptors to 4 Hz sinusoidal stimulation (2020) Jonas R, Namer B, Schnakenberg M, Soares S, Pakalniskis J, Carr R, Schmelz M, Rukwied R Journal article Methylglyoxal causes pain and hyperalgesia in human through C-fiber activation (2019) Düll M, Riegel K, Tappenbeck J, Ries V, Strupf M, Fleming T, Sauer S, Namer B Journal article
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