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Innovative Process Strategies in Powder-Based Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing (2023) Setter R, Hafenecker J, Rothfelder R, Kopp SP, Roth S, Schmidt M, Merklein M, Wudy K Journal article Infiltration behavior of liquid thermosets in thermoplastic powders for additive manufacturing of polymer composite parts in a combined powder bed fusion process (2021) Setter R, Riedel F, Peukert W, Schmidt J, Wudy K Journal article, Original article Additive Manufacturing of Multi-material Polymer Parts Within the Collaborative Research Center 814 (2021) Setter R, Stichel T, Schuffenhauer T, Kopp SP, Roth S, Wudy K Conference contribution Measuring procedures for surface evaluation of additively manufactured powder bed based polymer and metal parts (2020) Heinl M, Greiner S, Wudy K, Pobel C, Rasch M, Huber F, Papke T, et al. Journal article, other Curing behavior of thermosets for the use in a combined selective laser sintering process of polymers (2020) Wudy K, Drummer D Conference contribution The effect of short glass fibers on the process behavior of polyamide 12 during selective laser beam melting (2020) Lanzl L, Wudy K, Drummer D Journal article, Original article Curing and infiltration behavior of uv-curing thermosets for the use in a combined laser sintering process of polymers (2019) Wudy K Conference contribution Understanding the influence of energy-density on the layer-dependent part properties in laser-sintering of PA12 (2019) Wörz A, Wudy K, Drummer D Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Kunststoffpulver für die Additive Fertigung: Vorhersage des Prozessverhaltens mittels prozessangepasster Analyse / Plastic powder for Additive Manufacturing: Prediction of process behavior based on process adapted characterization (2019) Wudy K, Schmidt J, Lanzl L, Zhao M, Jaksch A, Dechet M, Hesse N, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Influence of chemical postprocessing on mechanical properties of laser-sintered polyamide 12 parts (2019) Wörz A, Wiedau L, Wudy K, Wegner A, Witt G, Drummer D Journal article, Original article