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Adsorption and self-assembly of a mono-cyano Zn-tetraphenylporphyrin derivative on KBr(001) and MgO(001) (2022) Ammon MM, Devarajulu M, LIU Y, Gurrath M, Lungerich D, Jux N, Meyer B, Maier S Journal article Synthesis of Dumbbell-Like DBATT Dimers** (2021) Feofanov M, Lungerich D, Akhmetov V, Amsharov K Journal article Panchromatic light funneling through the synergy in hexabenzocoronene-(metallo)porphyrin-fullerene assemblies to realize the separation of charges (2020) Wolf M, Lungerich D, Bauroth S, Popp M, Platzer B, Clark T, Anderson HL, et al. Journal article Investigations of Low-Symmetrical Tetraaryltetrabenzoporphyrins Produced by Mixed Condensation Reactions (2020) Ruppel M, Gazetas LP, Lungerich D, Hampel F, Jux N Journal article A Comprehensive Study on Tetraaryltetrabenzoporphyrins (2020) Ruppel M, Lungerich D, Sturm S, Lippert R, Hampel F, Jux N Journal article Gas-Phase Transformation of Fluorinated Benzoporphyrins to Porphyrin-Embedded Conical Nanocarbons (2020) Lungerich D, Hitzenberger J, Ruppel M, Döpper T, Witt M, Ivanovic-Burmazovic I, Görling A, et al. Journal article Non-substituted fused bis-tetracene based thin-film transistor with self-assembled monolayer hybrid dielectrics (2020) Zhao B, Feofanov M, Lungerich D, Park H, Rejek T, Wittmann J, Sarcletti M, et al. Journal article Multiple-Porphyrin Functionalized Hexabenzocoronenes (2019) Martin M, Lungerich D, Hampel F, Langer J, Ronson TK, Jux N Journal article Electronic Communication across Porphyrin Hexabenzocoronene Isomers (2019) Martin M, Lungerich D, Haines P, Hampel F, Jux N Journal article Dehydrative pi-extension to nanographenes with zig-zag edges (2018) Lungerich D, Papaianina O, Feofanov M, Liu J, Devarajulu M, Troyanov S, Maier S, Amsharov K Journal article
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