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Integration of transcriptomics data into agent-based models of solid tumor metastasis (2023) Retzlaff J, Lai X, Berking C, Vera J Journal article A network medicine approach for identifying diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and exploring drug repurposing in human cancer (2023) Zhang L, Fan S, Vera J, Lai X Journal article Macrophage immunity and metabolism in cancer: Novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies (2022) Leavenworth JW, Lai X, Miao H, Wang D, Zhao H, Li Y Journal article, Editorial Melanoma 2.0. Skin cancer as a paradigm for emerging diagnostic technologies, computational modelling and artificial intelligence (2022) Vera J, Lai X, Baur A, Erdmann M, Gupta S, Gutta C, Heinzerling L, et al. Journal article, Review article Artificial intelligence in cancer target identification and drug discovery (2022) You Y, Lai X, Pan Y, Zheng H, Vera J, Liu S, Deng S, Zhang L Journal article, Review article Multi-Level Computational Modeling of Anti-Cancer Dendritic Cell Vaccination Utilized to Select Molecular Targets for Therapy Optimization (2022) Lai X, Keller C, Santos Rosales G, Schaft N, Dörrie J, Vera J Journal article The Role of MicroRNAs in Cancer Biology and Therapy from a Systems Biology Perspective (2022) Lai X, Schmitz U, Vera J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes A disease network-based deep learning approach for characterizing melanoma (2021) Lai X, Zhou J, Wessely A, Heppt M, Maier A, Berking C, Vera J, Zhang L Journal article, Original article Mathematical modelling in biomedicine: A primer for the curious and the skeptic (2021) Vera J, Lischer C, Nenov M, Nikolov S, Lai X, Eberhardt M Journal article, Review article Network- and systems-based re-engineering of dendritic cells with non-coding RNAs for cancer immunotherapy (2021) Lai X, Dreyer F, Cantone M, Eberhardt M, Gerer KF, Jaitly T, Uebe S, et al. Journal article
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