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Molecular detection of lacrimal apparatus and ocular surface - related ABC transporter genes (2024) Kleinsasser B, Garreis F, Musialik M, Zahn I, Kral B, Kutlu Z, Sahin A, et al. Journal article Thermosensitive TRP Channels Are Functionally Expressed and Influence the Lipogenesis in Human Meibomian Gland Cells (2024) Keller M, Mergler S, Li A, Zahn I, Paulsen F, Garreis F Journal article Comparative Characterization of Human Meibomian Glands, Free Sebaceous Glands, and Hair-Associated Sebaceous Glands Based on Biomarkers, Analysis of Secretion Composition, and Gland Morphology (2024) Liu Y, Butovich IA, Garreis F, Zahn I, Scholz M, Gaffling S, Jabari S, et al. Journal article C1q/TNF-Related Proteins 1, 6 and 8 Are Involved in Corneal Epithelial Wound Closure by Targeting Relaxin Receptor RXFP1 In Vitro (2023) Nicolaus H, Klonisch T, Paulsen F, Garreis F Journal article A New Organotypic 3D Slice Culture of Mouse Meibomian Glands Reveals Impact of Melanocortins (2022) Zahn I, Garreis F, Schicht M, Rötzer V, Waschke J, Liu Y, Altersberger V, et al. Journal article Prolactin Inducible Protein, but Not Prolactin, Is Present in Human Tears, Is Involved in Tear Film Quality, and Influences Evaporative Dry Eye Disease (2022) Jüngert K, Paulsen F, Jacobi C, Horwath-Winter J, Garreis F Journal article The Potential Role of SP-G as Surface Tension Regulator in Tear Film: From Molecular Simulations to Experimental Observations (2022) Schicht M, Riedlova K, Kukulka M, Li W, Scheer A, Garreis F, Jacobi C, et al. Journal article Production and Secretion of Gelsolin by Both Human Macrophage- and Fibroblast-like Synoviocytes and GSN Modulation in the Synovial Fluid of Patients with Various Forms of Arthritis (2022) Feldt J, Schicht M, Welss J, Gelse K, Sesselmann S, Tsokos M, Socher E, et al. Journal article The Translational Role of MUC8 in Salivary Glands: A Potential Biomarker for Salivary Stone Disease? (2021) Schicht M, Reichle A, Schapher M, Garreis F, Kleinsasser B, Aydin M, Sahin A, et al. Journal article Optimization of polycaprolactone - based nanofiber matrices for the cultivation of corneal endothelial cells (2021) Himmler M, Garreis F, Paulsen F, Schubert DW, Fuchsluger TA Journal article, Original article