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Toward High-Energy-Density Fuels for Direct Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier Fuel Cells: Electrooxidation of 1-Cyclohexylethanol (2024) Fusek L, Briega-Martos V, Minichová M, Fromm L, Franz E, Yang J, Görling A, et al. Journal article Structure and Reactivity of the Ionic Liquid [C(1)C(1)Im][Tf2N] on Cu(111) (2023) Adhikari R, Massicot S, Fromm L, Talwar T, Gezmis E, Meusel M, Bayer A, et al. Journal article Mechanistic Insight into Solution-Based Atomic Layer Deposition of CuSCN Provided by In Situ and Ex Situ Methods (2023) Hilpert F, Liao PC, Franz E, Koch V, Fromm L, Topraksal E, Görling A, et al. Journal article Au-Catalyzed Energy Release in a Molecular Solar Thermal (MOST) System: A Combined Liquid-Phase and Surface Science Study (2023) Eschenbacher R, Hemauer F, Franz E, Leng A, Schwaab V, Waleska-Wellnhofer N, Freiberger EM, et al. Journal article Atomic Layer Deposition of HfS2 on Oxide Interfaces: A Model Study on the Initial Nucleation Processes (2022) Fickenscher G, Fromm L, Görling A, Libuda J Journal article Surface Chemistry of the Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System 2,3-Dicyano-Norbornadiene/Quadricyclane on Ni(111) (2022) Hemauer F, Bauer U, Fromm L, Weiß C, Leng A, Bachmann P, Düll F, et al. Journal article Anchoring of phthalic acid on MgO(100) (2022) Kataev E, Fromm L, Tariq Q, Wechsler D, Williams FJ, Tsud N, Franchi S, et al. Journal article Modifying the Electrocatalytic Selectivity of Oxidation Reactions with Ionic Liquids (2022) Yang T, Yang J, Deng X, Franz E, Fromm L, Taccardi N, Liu Z, et al. Journal article Triggering the energy release in molecular solar thermal systems: Norbornadiene-functionalized trioxatriangulen on Au(111) (2022) Eschenbacher R, Xu T, Franz E, Löw R, Moje T, Fromm L, Görling A, et al. Journal article Anchoring of porphyrins on atomically defined cobalt oxide: In-situ infrared spectroscopy at the electrified solid/liquid interface (2022) Fusek L, Kastenmeier M, Franz E, Fromm L, Görling A, Brummel O, Libuda J Journal article
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