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Influence of grain size on electromechanical properties of (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3: A multiscale analysis using spark plasma sintering and aerosol deposition (2024) Maier J, Kuhfuß M, Urushihara D, Gadelmawla A, Khansur NH, Hall D, Algueró M, et al. Journal article Photoluminescence Study of Undoped and Eu-Doped Alkali-Niobate Aluminosilicate Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (2024) Cicconi MR, Deng H, Otsuka T, Mahesh AT, Khansur NH, Hayakawa T, de Ligny D Journal article In situ electric field-dependent structural changes in (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 with varying grain size (2024) Kuhfuß M, Maier J, Hall DA, Xie B, Kleppe AK, Martin A, Kakimoto KI, et al. Journal article The Impact of Grain Growth on the Functional Properties in Room-Temperature Powder Aerosol Deposited Free-Standing (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 Thick Films (2024) Maier J, Fuggerer T, Urushihara D, Martin A, Khansur NH, Kakimoto KI, Webber KG Journal article The role of Ca/Zr ratio on the local structure and phase transitions in lead-free (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 (2024) Dobesh D, Gadelmawla A, Miyazaki H, Hinterstein M, Kimura K, Maier J, Banerjee S, et al. Journal article Effect of Li on the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions of the piezoelectric response in Lix(Na0.5K0.5)1-xNbO3 piezoelectric ceramics across the polymorphic phase boundary (2024) Martin A, Khansur NH, Urushihara D, Asaka T, Kakimoto Ki, Webber KG Journal article Piezoelectric Properties of BiFeO3 Exposed to High Temperatures (2024) Liu L, Yi J, Tang M, Cui Y, Khansur NH, Webber KG, Zhu F, et al. Journal article Tungsten Bronze-Type Ceramics for Temperature-Stable Energy Storage Properties: A Feasibility Study (2023) Shi X, Khansur NH Journal article Stress-induced tailoring of energy storage properties in lead-free Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3 ferroelectric bulk ceramics (2023) Maier J, Gadelmawla A, Khansur NH, Webber KG Journal article Uniaxial stress-dependent dielectric properties and phase transitions of antiferroelectric AgNbO3 (2023) Shi X, Khansur NH Journal article