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A Synthetic Aperture Imaging Concept for a Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar (2024) Krabbe L, Haberberger N, Stelzig M, Hehn M, Vossiek M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications (2023) Vossiek M, Haberberger N, Krabbe L, Hehn M, Carlowitz C, Stelzig M Journal article Modellierungsansätze und Signalverarbeitung für ein mit niederfrequenten Magnetfeldern arbeitendes inkohärentes lokales Ortungssystem (2021) Hehn M Thesis Quasi-Coherent Phase-Based Localization and Tracking of Incoherently Transmitting Radio Beacons (2021) Sippel E, Hehn M, Kögel T, Gröschel P, Hofmann A, Brückner S, Geiß J, et al. Journal article, Original article Exchanging Bandwidth with Aperture Size in Wireless Indoor Localization - or why 5G/6G Systems with Antenna Arrays can Outperform UWB Solutions (2021) Sippel E, Geiß J, Brückner S, Gröschel P, Hehn M, Vossiek M Journal article, Review article Antenna Array Calibration Using a Sparse Scene (2021) Geiß J, Sippel E, Hehn M, Vossiek M Journal article, Review article Novel UHF-RFID Listener Hardware Architecture and System Concept for a Mobile Robot Based MIMO SAR RFID Localization (2020) Gareis M, Hehn M, Stief P, Körner G, Birkenhauer C, Trabert J, Mehner T, et al. Journal article, Review article A Wireless Local Positioning System Concept and 6D Localization Approach for Cooperative Robot Swarms Based on Distance and Angle Measurements (2020) Geiß J, Sippel E, Gröschel P, Hehn M, Schütz M, Vossiek M Journal article In-Situ Calibration of Antenna Arrays within Wireless Locating Systems (2020) Sippel E, Lipka M, Geiß J, Hehn M, Vossiek M Journal article, Review article An Iterative Extended Kalman Filter for Coherent Measurements of Incoherent Network Nodes in Positioning Systems (2020) Hehn M, Sippel E, Vossiek M Journal article, Review article