A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications

Vossiek M, Haberberger N, Krabbe L, Hehn M, Carlowitz C, Stelzig M (2023)

Publication Type: Journal article

Publication year: 2023


Original Authors: Martin Vossiek, Niklas Haberberger, Lena Krabbe, Markus Hehn, Christian Carlowitz, Michael Stelzig

Book Volume: 3

Pages Range: 523-539

Issue: 1

DOI: 10.1109/JMW.2022.3228724


 The sequential sampling impulse radar is a radar concept that has been known for a very long

time. Ultrawideband (UWB) radar systems have been realized based on this concept long before the popular

phrases UWB and UWB radar were created. Its hardware simplicity, low cost, potentially high bandwidth

and high range resolution, as well as the unsurpassed low power consumption of some of its variants have

made it one of the most widely used radar concepts in industrial automation today. Despite its widespread

use in practice, however, there are only few publications, textbooks and tutorials that describe this concept

in detail and all its varieties and aspects. Especially, the correlation properties and the resulting signal-tonoise ratio (SNR), as well as the phase injection locking of pulsed oscillators, that is required for powerefficient options, have rarely been described in detail. This tutorial introduces the typical sequential sampling

impulse radar concept step by step and presents the characteristics and pros and cons. As for the correlation

properties and the SNR, the concepts are compared to those of standard coherent impulse radar systems

and of frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar. In addition to the system theory, selected

applications are presented to illustrate the attractiveness and elegance, but also the limits, of this interesting

and important radar concept. The shown applications range from those in the main field of use of this type

of radar, that is, industrial automation, to former and current radar concepts in the areas of automotive radar,

ground penetrating radar (GPR), security scanners, and biomedical radar systems.

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Vossiek, M., Haberberger, N., Krabbe, L., Hehn, M., Carlowitz, C., & Stelzig, M. (2023). A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications. IEEE Journal of Microwaves, 3, 523-539. https://doi.org/10.1109/JMW.2022.3228724


Vossiek, Martin, et al. "A Tutorial on the Sequential Sampling Impulse Radar Concept and Selected Applications." IEEE Journal of Microwaves 3 (2023): 523-539.

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